I’m a designer.
A product designer. I design furniture, objects and complements.
I’m a graphic designer as well. I love creating anything that has to do with visual communication.
But to be honest, I’m getting closer and closer to the calligraphy area.

Born in Como in 1987, she graduated in Furniture Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2009; in 2011 she graduated (master degree) in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

In 2010 she began her adventure in the design world thanks to the design company Progetti srl, for which she designed the coat hanger “Upp”, the cuckoo clock “Burano”, the clock “Snowflake”, the clock “Line”, the umbrella stand “Nodo Savoia” and the clock “Liberty”.
In 2013 she began working with the design company Ecoepoque, designing the clock “Rosone”, the clock “Monolite”, the mirror “Bucatino” and the decorative panel “Mappa”.
Since 2011 she has been working regularly with Alberto and Paolo Sala’s ASPS design and communication studio in Milan.
In 2016 she began her way to a new passion: calligraphy. She attended some calligraphy courses, in particular copperplate, uncial and signpaint.

“I always design products that reflect my personality with a little bit of eccentricity and uniqueness, being continuously inspired by new trends and innovations coming from all different areas of industrial product.”